Bear Grass


"Rio" SOLD (polled)

Very loving and a cuddler!  Great companion or pet wether!

"Lily" SOLD (polled)

"Chip"  SOLD (polled)

Rain Lily

Mountain Laurel


"Red Bud" SOLD

June Bug

Kandi and Elvin had QUADS on March 22! 

Three bucklings and one doeling.

Two polled bucklings.

All bucklings sold...doeling retained.

Great milk lines!

Rafter O Persimmon "Persi"

Polled buckling.  G6S Normal

SOLD to Brenda

Sweet personality!!

Red Bud



Chipping Sparrow

"Laurel" SOLD (polled)

G6S normal by testing

"Honey" SOLD

Pixie and Elvin had twins on April 7! 

Doelings - 1 polled.

G6S normal by parentage.

Great milk lines!

You might wonder why our kids have such weird names?  We name all our kids after things that are native to the Rafter O....birds, mammals, insects, plants, trees, flowers, etc.

"Bear" SOLD (polled)

Super sweet and gentle wether.

‚ÄčRafter O at Cordova Creek

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats                   Canyon Lake, Texas

What's in a name?

Molly and Elvin had triplets on April 9! 

1 doeling (polled) and 2 bucklings (polled)

2016 Kidding Season