LA score was VEEV EX90, and her highest milk production was 15 lbs per day.

​Sire's Sire: Saada El-Cid *B

Dam's Dam: Nomad Wild Jumpin' Bean

Rafter O at Cordova Creek

Mini Nubian Goats                           Canyon Lake, Texas

Breed: Mini Nubian 1st gen (cou clair, blue eyes)
DOB: 02-16-17
Percentage: 96.88% Nubian / 3.12% Nigerian

G6S Normal by Testing

Unofficial Height: still growing!

Clair is a fabulous Cou Clair 1st generation doeling.  When I saw her, I just had to have her.  She will be on the bigger side with such a high percentage Nubian, but we will try to get the size of her kids down with smaller bucks.  Her color markings are very unusual, and those beautiful blue eyes!  Also, MILK!!!  Check out her pedigree!  WOWSA!  

​Sire's Dam: SG DKGH Enferno's Emmy

Lu-Cid is an impressive young buck with great show and milk lines. His full sisters have beautiful conformation and udders, they consistently win at ADGA shows with tough competition. They have won GCH, BOB, BUOB, & Best Doe In Show (over all breeds). They have Linear Appraisal scores from EX 90 to 92. His two full sisters, (DKGH Cid's Emmy Ester & CH DKGH Cid's Emmy Eva), have Linear Appraisal scores of EEEE EX92! Hard to beat that!

Nomad Once in a Blue Moon "Clair"

Best Dairy Herd @ ADGA Nationals 2012. The 2 black does are Stinger's dam, SGCH Iron-Owl Jeepers Creepers, & Stinger's full sister, Woest-Hoeve Newt