Rafter O at Cordova Creek

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats                   Canyon Lake, Texas

Silver Moon "Luna"

Screaming Goat Farm Silver Moon "Luna"
Breed: Mini-Nubian  6th gen 
DOB: 02-01-17
Sire: Green Gables Eclipse
Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Katie
G6S Normal by Parentage

Luna is our first buck skin mini Nubian.  She's got great milk lines, excellent conformation and we are excited to add her to our herd!  Thank you Screaming Goat Farm!

Once in a Blue Moon "Clair"

Nomad Once in a Blue Moon "Clair"
Breed: Mini-Nubian 1st gen (cou-clair, blue eyes)
DOB: 02-16-17
Sire: DKGH Emmy's Lu-Cid Dream
Dam: Nomad Wild Love Child
G6S Normal by Testing

Clair is a fabulous Cou Clair 1st generation doeling from Washington State.  When I saw her, I just had to have her.  She will be on the bigger side with such a high percentage Nubian, but we will try to get the size of her kids down with smaller bucks.  Her color markings are very unusual, and those beautiful blue eyes!  Also, MILK!!!  Check out her pedigree....WOWSA!  Thank you Nomad Nubians!

Bloodlines: DKGH, Saada, Woest-Hoeve

Blue Topaz "Tilly"

Blackberry's BH Shakespeare's Juliet
Breed: Mini-Nubian 6th gen 
DOB: 06-01-18
Sire: Blackberry's Houdini
Dam: VMCH Soaring Heart's First Lady *P
G6S Normal by Parentage

  Juliet is a tiny sweet doeling with lots of milk stars in her line so she will have large milk pails to fill.  Conformation is not be taken lightly either with plenty of show wins including Finished Champions in her lineage.  We are expecting many show wins and lots of milk out of this California angel!  Thank you Green Eggers Farm!

Bloodlines: Cornerstone Farm, Blue Oak's, Soaring Hearts, Echo Hill's

​SOLD - In Milk - $400

Goat Trails Blue Topaz "Tilly"
Breed: Mini-Nubian  6th gen (blue eyes)
DOB: 03-02-17
Sire: Laz E Acres Finley
Dam: Eddy Place Nola Mae Blue
G6S Normal by Testing

Blue Topaz is our first blue-eyed mini Nubian.   She's got great milk lines and we are excited to add her to our herd! Thank you Goat Trails!


Goat Trails Pixie
Breed: Mini-Nubian  5th gen
DOB: 02-25-15
Sire: Green Gables Dash of Freedom *B
Dam: Ordered Steps Molly-May
G6S Normal by Testing

Pixie comes from great milk lines from Green Gables.  She's got splashy color, good conformation and the attitude to go with it!  She's quite the little spunk!  Pixie has great teat and orifice size...we love milking her!
Sire's Dam: Green Gables Amazing Grace 1*P


Rafter O June Bug
Breed: Mini-Nubian  6th gen (moonspots)
DOB: 03-22-16
Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Elvin
Dam: Eddy Place Kandi Kisses
G6S Normal by Testing

June Bug was #2 in Kandi's quads. She has good conformation, and wide ears that are nice and long.  We love her cute PINK nose!  She is very loving!  With great milk lines on both sides, we are expecting great milk out of her!  She's got great orifice size and is an easy milker.

June Bug