Rafter O at Cordova Creek

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats                   Canyon Lake, Texas

Sire: Eddy Place Sluggo

May 7, 2017 - One Day Milk Test (2 kids still on - separated day of milk test)

Name       Fat       Tru.Prot       Cells       Urea       BHB       Aceton       Lactose
Kandi       6.28         3.26             136         33.4         0.00         0.03           4.82


Score: 68.773 (needed 70 points to earn milk star)

Breed: Mini Nubian 6th gen (MOONSPOTS)
DOB: 02-14-12
Percentage: 50.02% Nubian / 49.98% Nigerian

Unofficial Height: 24.5 inches

 Kandi has gone to a new home in Oklahoma.  She is a beauty with great Nubian features which she passed on to June Bug.  She is a dream to milk with her teat size, large orifices, and capacity!  Her milk is delicious!  We are expecting June Bug to carry on her legacy!

Eddy Place Kandi Kisses

Sire: Eddy Place Lady Najhe Blue