Rafter O at Cordova Creek

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats                   Canyon Lake, Texas

Dam's Sire: LuvEmAllAcresKodak

Winchester's Dam: Echo Hill's Tiara's Ruby Red

Glamour Girl's Dam: Cornerstone Farm Cover Girl

​Esther's Sire: Raptor Ridge MoonStruck

Kodak's Dam: Green Gables Gypsy

Breed: Mini Nubian  4th gen (polled & blue eyes)
DOB: 02-26-2018
Percentage: 55.7% Nubian / 44.3% Nigerian

G6S Normal by Parentage

Unofficial Height: still growing!

Memphis Blue is a special boy.   He has the whole package - polled, blue eyes,  a moonspot!   Memphis Blue joined us from Rite Choice Dairy in Florida.  He will bring in some new milk lines from Irm's Girl.  We are excited to see his kids!

Kid History

2019     5 Doelings          4 Bucklings              5 Polled         4 Horned          5 Blue Eyes          4 Brown Eyes

Glamour Girl's Sire: Echo Hill's Winchester

Rite Choice Memphis Blue

Sire's Sire: Whispering Willow Knucklehead

​Esther's Dam: Cornerstone Farm Glamour Girl

​Gypsy's Sire:VCH Beloved Freedom

Sire's Dam: Cornerstone Farm Esther

Virtual Show Results

2018 Summer Show

Our Rite Choice Memphis Blue placed 1st in one ring and 3rd in the other for the Senior Bucklings in the MDGA Summer Virtual Show! Go Memphis!

Comments from the judges: Entry A will be my First place Sr Buck, in General Appearance he is showing a smoother Front end assembly and in Dairy Character a wider width carried through from chest to escutcheon. A is to be commended for his body capacity being deep and wide throughout.