‚ÄčRafter O at Cordova Creek

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats                   Canyon Lake, Texas

   Having dairy goats has always been a dream of mine, and when I found the Mini-Nubian breed through diligent research...I knew I had to have some!  In April 2015, we purchased two does and a doeling from Goat Trails at Creekside Farmin Hutto, TX.  We have two outstanding polled blue-eyed bucks!  The 2018 kidding season gave us some great kids, and we are looking forward to 2019!

Our Farm

   In April 2014, my dream to own land and live in the country became a reality when we purchased our homestead which would become the Rafter O at Cordova Creek.  Situated on 10 acres in Canyon Lake, TX, the farm backs up to Cordova Creek....which is dry most of the time!

   Our Maremma LGDs are fierce protectors of our goats and chickens from predators such as fox, coyote, bobcats, mountain lions, hawks, and owls.