Rafter O at Cordova Creek

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats                   Canyon Lake, Texas

MDGA Virtual Show Fall 2015 - Sr. Doelings born Jan 1 - Feb 29, 2015

​   Pixie placed 1st in one ring and 3rd in the other ring!​

Goat Trails Pixie

Kidding History:

2016     2 Doelings (Lily and Honey - sire Elvin)

2017     2 Bucklings     1 Doeling (Wile E., Daisy, Fuzzy - sire Parker)

2018     2 Bucklings     2 Doelings (Elmer, Opie, Prim, Skipper - sire Elvin)

Dam: Ordered Steps Molly-May

Pixie - third freshening, 15 days fresh, 12 hour fill. Teat and orifice size are great.    FF had congested udder on left side which increased that teat size.  Empties well.  

Breed: Mini Nubian  5th gen
DOB: 02-25-15
Percentage: 58.50% Nubian / 41.50% Nigerian

G6S Normal by Testing

Unofficial Height: 23 inches

Pixie comes from great milk lines from Green Gables.  She's got splashy color, good conformation and the attitude to go with it!  She's quite the little spunk!  Pixie has great teat and orifice size...we love milking her!
Sire's Dam: Green Gables Amazing Grace 1*P