Rafter O at Cordova Creek

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats                   Canyon Lake, Texas

Kerry at the Rafter O has been wonderful and tremendously helpful to me this past year as I began my adventure with Mini Nubians! I bought a beautiful buckling out of Junebug and while I was there picking him up, I fell in love with a doeling who was just so pretty and sweet, I couldn’t resist! I am very pleased with both of my kids. They are healthy, friendly and have some great genetics. Thank you so much Kerry, for selling me your quality goats and answering all of my many questions!! 
Ashe and Skipper's Mom

A Few Words from Our Goat Families

I purchased 2 of the absolute sweetest doelings from Rafter O! Had them brought all the way to PA and it was one of the easiest transactions. Kerry had everything ready and was very accommodating to myself and my hauler. Would definitely recommend them..and may just purchase more of their beauties in the future 😘

Prim and Ariel's Mom

We only keep 5-6 adult does, and 2-3 bucks.  The Rafter O is a very small operation that prides ourselves on raising wonderful, healthy goats to join your family homestead.  We are your Mini Nubian boutique!

In my opinion, you can't find any better goats than Rafter O at Cordova Creek! 
I have 3 to show for it!
This year was Millie. She's a cross between goat, dog and deer. Sweetest little girl💕.
She was raised with pure love, and I was lucky enough to get her.
Kerry's goats are the best!
She does a great job on debudding them, something so important. (I don't like scurs.)
She also does a fantastic job on their health records, something very helpful to have.
In the short time I've know Kerry, she's always been so knowledgeable, helpful and always willing to share her experience and knowledge with me.
She really cares and loves her goats.
As for Miss Millie,....She is the perfect pet. I love her to pieces. She's spoiled rotten and I love it. I didn't know a goat would cuddle up to a person like she does! Everywhere I go Millie goes. She doesn't know she's a goat.
I don't have children, but Kerry's goats would be the perfect pet for children.
My goats have all been so gentle and sweet from being raised with the love Kerry gives them. She makes the difference in their personalities towards people.
My goats had 2 babies this year and they didn't turn out to be as sweet as Kerry's, I think next year I'll take the new babies by her place for her to raise for me the first 3 months.
I wonder if she will?
Anybody who wants a Great Mini Nubian, go see Kerry at Rafter O at Cordova Creek! You'll be very happy you did!!
Thank you so very much Kerry!
Laurel, Lily, and Millie's Mom

I love my Rafter O goats! I am a repeat customer. I find Kerry's stock to be high quality, very friendly, healthy and Kerry is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. I purchased a buck from her that has consistently produced gorgeous, healthy, correct offspring. I recently purchased a doeling from her and I can not wait to see what she produces as well.

Chip and Callie's Mom

Our Goats

We have a CAE, CL, Johne's, Q- fever and Brucellosis negative herd.  Tested clean  again in January 2019. We are also a G6S Normal herd.

Our Mini-Nubians are mostly  4th, 5th and 6th generation, but we recently brought in a 1st generation to work on more diversity and bloodlines in the Mini Nubians.   They are registered with Miniature Dairy Goat Association.


Our goal is to provide kids with great milk lines, good conformation, excellent Nubian traits, and friendly!  Our kids are so people oriented..sometimes I wonder if they know they are goats!

Situated in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, the Rafter O at Cordova Creek began in 2014.  We have a small herd of Mini Nubian Dairy Goats,  Maremma LGDs, and laying hens.


Your Mini Nubian Boutique!